Nhhelfer 2



Textile adhesive for the rapid repair of holes, tears and loose hems while on the go. Bonds textiles, leather, soft plastics, felt and paper, fast securely and permanently. The bonded joint remains elastic, ironing and washing machine stable up to 60°C. Contents 42 gr.

49001 1                    texfix SB 49006                    texfix SB DP 49042                   

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Art. 49001                 Art. 49006                  Art. 49042 


Textile Adhesive


(Ref. 49001, 49006, 49042)

- elastic
- boil-proof
- iron safe
- cleaning-proof
Bonds textiles, leather, softplastics, felt and paper safe and permanent. The bonded joint remains elastic, iron and washingmachine stable up to 60°C. It is recommended to try out prior to glue textiles.
Wet bonding:
Thinly apply adhesive to one surface and press toghether imediately.
Contact bonding:
Thinly apply adhesiveto both surfaces and after 5-10 min press short and firmly toghether.