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Tape Measures

standard vorschauTape measure in light quality for everyday use.
Yellow on one side, white on the other.
Available as a small customer present in the candy wrapper (tape 10 mm wide).
length: 150 cm / 60 inch
width: 10 mm / 15 mm / 18,5 mm
specialtestTop-selling, solid, multi-purpose quality tape measure with colour decimetre divisions.
One side in 10 cm colour divisions, reverse side yellow.
Length: 150 cm / 60 inch
Width: 18.5 mm

profi vorschauProfessional tape measure in outstanding quality for demanding use. Heavy duty polyfibre fabric in yellow.
Length: 150 cm / 60 inch or 200 cm / 80 inch
Width: 18.5 mm

cefes 15 vorschauHigh-grade premium qualtiy tape measure for demanding use. Original cefes®fibre with sealed edges.
Length: 150 cm / 60 inch
Width: 15 mm / 18.5 mm

cefes control vorschauCEFES® CONTROL, the certified tailor tape measure with EEC type license. Precision tape measure manufactured according to Category II of the European Standards Directive.
Length: 150 cm / 60 inch
Width: 18.5 mm

trendy vorschauMeasuring tape in modern colors with modern scale in white.
High-quality poly-fiber fabric - green, blue or pink on both sides.
Length: 150 cm / 60 inch
Width: 18.5 mm

bra tape vorschauTape-measure for the bust. One side with cm scale and bra sizes, reverse side cup sizes. 
Basic colour green, pink or blue.
Length: 150 cm 
Width: 18.5 mm

Schuhmacher cm sMeasuring tape for shoe lasts for professional use.
One side cm-mm-graduation (or cm-inch combined), other side English size + French stich.
Length: 75 cm
Width: 12 mm

easy check cm vorschauCircumference tape with slider and press button. Quick and accurate circumference measurement using patented slider with press-button closure.
Length: 150 cm / 60 inch
Width: 18.5 mm

 adhesivo vorschauPractical self adhesive tape for multiple use. Silver foil silver. Graduation in black

Length: 150 cm / 60 inch
Width: 15 mm

braille vorschauTape measure for the blind with braille, clearly palpable.
length: 150 cm
width: 18,5 mm