gammaplus hm



The new gamma+ calculates your measured values ​​with lightning speed and transfers them to your end device at the touch of a button, very easy and without any software or driver installation!
The transmission is via Bluetooth to PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet.
You can connect up to 15 different devices with the gamma+.
The measured values ​​can be determined in cm, mm or inch and also circumferences can be determined exactly.
gamma+ connects to all major operating systems: Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS, Linux.
You use your own software or app? gamma+ automatically plays the measured values ​​into the system.
Manual input errors are eliminated and you save valuable time!
The three buttons on the side of the unit can be assigned 6 different functions, depending on whether you press the button short or long. If you notice a measuring error, you can, for example, jump back with one of the keys and automatically import a new measured value. The correction is quick and easy, without having to put the device out of the hand!
An extendable hook and a parking brake are the absolute novelties at gamma+!
With the use of the parking brake, the measuring tape is fixed at the extended position, otherwise it would automatically roll up in the housing as soon as you let go of the tape measure. The brake is a big advantage if, for example, you want to measure odd distances or if you want to add several measuring points to each other.
The extendable hook facilitates the measurement of internal dimensions or stretched dimensions of elastic materials. The hook can be loaded with up to 10 kg tensile force. The measured value can be determined both on the inside and on the outside edge of the hook.
The device offers four different location points to perform your measurement precisely. The starting point is always at a defined point in the tape itself. You can choose the start or end of the housing as the end point. Using the extendable hook, as described above, you can use two more points as the end point of the measurement.
gamma+ is multifunctional and adapts to your individual requirements. Ideal for quality control, industrial production of textiles, made-to-measure and other applications!
Measure quickly and flexibly - transmit wirelessly - digitally edit.
See for yourself!




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Techncal Specifications  
  • tape length: 1500 mm / 2000 mm
  • weight: 120 g
  • no pull speed limitation
  • built-in bluetooth
  • no software or driver installation required
  • wireless transmission up to 10 m
  • measuring tolerance +/- 1 mm
  • 15 hours persistant usage
  • charging via micro USB
  • Lithium-Polimer battery pack 
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